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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 213,
Issue 3
1 August 2024

About The Journal of Immunology

The Journal of Immunology publishes peer-reviewed manuscripts describing novel findings in all areas of experimental immunology, including both basic and clinical studies.

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AAI and its journals, The Journal of Immunology and ImmunoHorizons, have become aware that a predatory publisher is sending emails to authors to solicit manuscript submissions. To better inform our valued authors, we compiled a resource on how to spot a predatory publisher. Learn more by visiting the FAQ

 Did you know that manuscripts posted to the bioRxiv preprint server can be transferred directly to The Journal of Immunology for peer review? No need to re-upload files or re-enter information at the submission site! For more information, visit information for authors

Pillars of Immunology

The Journal of Immunology publishes commentaries highlighting scientific reports that were published more than 15 years ago and that have made a major impact on the course of immunological research today. Read published commentaries here

Don't miss the exciting Brief Review Collection, coming in the January 15, 2024, issue of The Journal of Immunology!

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