Immuno-therapy in typhoid fever has been attempted in many ways. While we all realize that one of the most efficient forms of any immuno-therapy is by means of passive immunization or serum therapy (compare diphtheria, cerebro-spinal meningitis, etc.) no really efficacious serum has as yet been produced for the typhoid infection. Numerous steps have been taken but none have been crowned by success. An attempt was therefore made to transfer the active immunity present in convalescent typhoid patients to those ill with the disease by means of the blood serum. I selected for this treatment only those with the severest infections, very high temperature and marked toxemia; in fact at the time of admission to the hospital of each of the three cases, a most discouraging or hopeless prognosis was given to the family.

Case 1. Boy twelve years old, admitted in the second week of the disease.

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