1. The Relation of Lipoids to Immune Reactions1J. W. Jobling.

2. Additional Facts Concerning the Protein Poison. Victor C. Vaughan: Since the author's last publication on this subject the following facts have been ascertained by his students and himself:

  1. Casein yields a large per cent of the protein poison.

  2. The protein poison after the removal of all traces of mineral acid is strongly acid in and of itself.

  3. The protein poison does not give the ninhydrin test, but does so after being split up with acid.

  4. The poison gives a skin reaction in all persons.

  5. The poison is not without harm when administered by mouth.

  6. Animals may be acutely or chronically poisoned by oral administration.

  7. In chronic poisoning by feeding, extensive fatty degeneration results.

  8. The protein poisons from diverse proteins are not identical.

  9. The protein poison from casein combines with certain unbroken proteins. In this combination the acidity of the poison is neutralized and its physiological action diminished.

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