An international workshop and symposium on “Canine Immunogenetics” will be held at the Medical Faculty of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, from November 5th until November 16th 1972 (Workshop 5–14; Symposium 15–16).

The purpose is to achieve a better understanding of dog leucocyte and erythrocyte antigens and other genetic markers in dogs.

The symposium is open to a restricted number of observers and will consist of two parts—one in which reviews and papers will be given on subjects of current interest in transplantation biology of the dog and the relevance of the dog as an experimental animal, and one in which a first analysis of the data obtained during the workshop will be given. A provisional program and more detailed information can be obtained from the Organizing Committee. Workshop Canine Immunogenetics, —H. M. Vriesendorp, —D. L. Westbroek, —J. A. van der Dóes, —J. D'Amaro, —J. J. van Rood.

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