Five eminent scientists were honored for their great contributions to immunology by the First International Congress of Immunology at the Congress banquet, in Washington, D.C., August 5, 1971. Each was presented with a bronze plaque which was inscribed with a statement of his pioneering achievements in immunology. Photographs of these men and their citations commemorate this historic event.

Sir F. MacFarlane Burnet. For his intellectual leadership and immense impact on modern immunobiology by formulating the theory of clonal selection and linking antibody diversity to cell differentiation.

Dr. Pierre Grabar. For his broad biological interests leading to the development of discriminative analytical procedures which provided immensely valuable immunological tools for the experimentalist and clinician.

Dr. Felix Haurowitz. For his early conception of immunological reactions in molecular terms and his pioneering studies on the diversity of antibodies which paved the way for contemporary views of antibody specificity.

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