A method of measuring the rate of release of antibody by a single cell is extremely important for population studies at the cellular level. The hemolysis in gel procedure is used in these studies in an attempt to quantitate the average rate of IgM hemolysin released and the amount of antibody released by a single cell. Measurements of individual cell release in a population are made under conditions similar to the radial hemolysis in gel system. Average plaque-forming units (pfu) diameters of the populations increased linearly up to 30 min in the system and followed a normal distribution at a given time. The rate of pfu appearance and the rate at which pfu lose antibody-forming capability are also determined. In 10 separate experiments where pools of three to four animals per experiment were used, the rate ranged from 437 to 1027 molecules/cell/sec with an average rate of 700 molecules/cell/sec.

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