Recently, we reported that 125I-labeled antiviral antibody could be used to detect newly synthesized viral antigens on the surface of infected cells (1). The present report describes an indirect radioimmunoassay for detecting viral antigens and antiviral antibody and demonstrates that rheumatoid factor and complement can bind to immune complexes on the surface of infected cells.

Primary rabbit kidney cells (PRK)1 were prepared and maintained as described previously (2) in tissue culture trays containing 24 wells, each 16 mm in diameter (Bellco Glass, Inc., Vineland, N. J.). Herpes simplex virus (HSV), type 1, and vaccinia virus (CVI-79) were grown and assayed in PRK cells (2, 3). Antiserums to HSV and vaccinia were prepared in rabbits and the 50% neutralization titers were approximately 1:2000 (4). Normal rabbit serum was obtained from unimmunized rabbits. Pooled human serum, used as a source of anti-vaccinia antibody, had a 50% neutralization titer of 1:80.

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