Levine and Vas (1) have reported a system of genetic control of the immune response in mice which is not correlated with H-2 and does not appear to be correlated with allotype. In contrast to most other inbred strains, SJL mice were shown to be poor producers of serum reagins to high or low doses of eight different protein or hapten-protein antigens; breeding studies indicated high serum reagin production to be the dominant trait (2). In a recent communication (3) we confirmed the low serum reagin production by SJL mice and showed by the method of heterologous adoptive cutaneous anaphylaxis (HACA)2 that in contrast to a good serum reagin producing strain (SWR) the SJL mice showed: 1) a decreased production of reagins by spleen cells and 2) an absence of reaginic antibody-forming cells (RAFC) in the bone marrow.

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