In “B Lymphocyte Differentiation Induced by Lipopolysaccharide. III. Suppression of B Cell Maturation by Anti-Mouse Immunoglobulin Antibodies” by John F. Kearney, Max D. Cooper, and Alexander R. Lawton in the June issue of the Journal of Immunology, Volume 116, Number 6, page 1666, the symbols were transposed in Figure 4. The figure legend should read as follows:

Figure 4. Comparison of the suppressive effects of anti-µ on the IgM (―•―) and IgG2 response (―■―) with the effects of anti-γ2 on the IgM response (―•―) and IgG2 response (―■―). Anti-γ2 concentrations were made in 10-fold dilutions from 0.4 mg/ml.

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