Strain 2 guinea pigs, immunized with Lys10-Lys(Dnp) in CFA and repeatedly injected intraperitoneally with adjuvant, developed ascites. The fluid was harvested over 8 months in total amounts up to 2 liters per animal and contained substantial amounts of cells and antibody which reacted with the immunizing antigen and related peptides. The antibody was of the IgG and IgA classes and showed restricted heterogeneity. Among synthetic Dnp-oligopeptides, both the cells, studied by antigen-stimulated thymidine incorporation, and the purified antibody, studied by fluorescence quenching, demonstrated the same specificity for the immunizing antigen as has previously been noted in lymph node cells and in serum antibody. The technique offers a means for studying more cells and more antibody than has previously been possible from individual guinea pigs.

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