Assignment of Copyright. The new Copyright Law which goes into effect January 1, 1978, makes it necessary for the publisher to receive assignment of copyright from authors of articles to be published in scientific periodicals. The assignment must be in writing so that authors, the American Association of Immunologists, and The Williams & Wilkins Company may be protected from the unauthorized use of the contents of The Journal of Immunology.

The authors of manuscripts accepted for publication will receive copyright assignment forms, which should be signed and returned to the Editorial Office as quickly as possible.

Failure to return the signed form promptly will delay publication of the article involved.

Annual Survey Course in Immunology. The annual survey course in Immunology, sponsored by the American Association of Immunologists, will be held at the Given Institute of Pathobiology, Aspen, Colorado, June 26 through July 7, 1978.

The course will be a basic coverage of the current fields of immunobiology, immunochemistry, immunogenetics, clinical and tumor immunology.

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