Tolerance to the DNP haptenic determinant was induced with a single i.v. injection of trinitrophenylated syngeneic red blood cells. The tolerant state lasted 1 month and was stable on transfer to irradiated thymectomized syngeneic recipients. Suppressor activity was found soon after injection of tolerogen but was lost before the termination of tolerance. The unresponsive state could be reversed by adding normal thymus cells to tolerant spleen cells but not by normal bone marrow cells. LPS when given with immunogen restored the normal immune response in tolerant mice.

Thus the injection of TNP-MRBC induced partial immune unresponsiveness which was characterized by the induction of T cell suppressor activity and by a hapten-specific helper T cell tolerance. Finally, these studies suggest a cooperative interaction between DNP-specific T lymphocytes and DNP-specific B lymphocytes in the immune response to DNP-BGG.

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