Hypertonic KCl extracts prepared from heart tissues of adolescent CD-1 mice inoculated with coxsackievirus B3 (CVB3) were tested for antigenicity in evaluating cell-mediated sensitivity to CVB3 virus utilizing the agarose droplet cell-migration-inhibition assay. Immune mouse peritoneal exudate cells (IMPEC) from mice immunized against CVB3 virus and Freund's complete adjuvant were specifically inhibited in the cell-migration-inhibition assay with graded doses of KCl-extracted antigen and purified protein derivative (PPD). Unimmunized or “normal” mouse peritoneal exudate cells (NMPEC) were not inhibited in the presence of the CVB3 KCl extracts. KCl heart extracts from mice inoculated with a cardiotropic strain of antigenically distinct mengovirus failed to inhibit CVB3 IMPEC, and noncardiac KCl extracts of liver and spleen from CVB3-inoculated mice also failed to inhibit cellular migration of CVB3 IMPEC. Reciprocal specificity experiments utilizing KCl-extracted antigens from mice infected with antigenically distinct cardiotropic mengovirus failed to inhibit cellular migration of IMPEC from mice immunized against the mengovirus. Serum-blocking power experiments indicate the antigenic KCl extracts failed to bind virus-neutralizing antibodies, indicating absence of detectable quantities of virion antigens. The results indicate that inoculation of mice with CVB3 virus results in the appearance of a new antigen(s) in cardiac tissue reacting with CVB3-IMPEC, but not with mengovirus IMPEC.

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