In previous studies it has been found that in the SJL strain of mice, normal thymus-derived cells have a suppressor effect on anti-hapten IgE production. It has also been demonstrated with (SJL × BALB/c)F1 mice and backcrosses to the SJL parent that the suppressive function is inherited by a single autosomal Menedelian gene, not linked to the H-2 gene complex (1).

Chronic allotype suppression can be obtained in (SJL × BALB/c)F1 progenies if the BALB/c female before mating is immunized with Ig-lb (paternal, i.e., SJL) allotype (2, 3). In the suppressed (SJL × BALB/c)F1 mice IgG2a immunoglobulin subclass can be detected, but only of the Ig-la allotype and not of the Ig-lb allotype. It is well known that the IgG2a immunoglobulin subclass carries the Ig-la and Ig-lb allotypes.

It was of interest, therefore, to examine if in the sera of the backcross mice (SJL × BALB/c)F1 × SJL a correlation could be found between the nonpersistence of anti-hapten IgE production and the Ig-Ib allotype.

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