The Gordon Research Conference—Immunochemistry and Immunobiology—will be held at Plymouth State College, Plymouth, New Hampshire from July 31 to August 4, 1978.

Chairman: John J. Cebra; Co-chairman: Max D. Cooper.

31 July. Genes controlling Ig synthesis: Their number linkage, transcription, translation of their messages, and processing of fmal products (Ru-Chih Huang, session chairman): Susuma Tonegawa,Philip Leder, Tasuka Honjo, Robert Perry, Terry Rabbitts, Winston Salser, Israel Schechter. B lymphocyte ontogeny: Subpopulations of B cells and their functional activities and potentials (Max D. Cooper, session chairperson): Fritz Melchers, R. M. E. Parkhouse, Irwin Scher, Noel Warner.

1 August. Cell membrane molecules involved in immune recognition: Structure, molecular relationships and roles of histocompatibility and Ia-molecules (Michael Crumpton, session chairperson):Patricia Jones, Stanley Nathenson, Jack L. Strominger, Leonard Herzenberg, Alan Wilhams.T lymphocyte interactions with other cells: Bases for recognition and mechanisms for affecting other cells (Herman Wagner and Martin RSllinghoff, session chairpersons): Gerald Cole,Klaus Eichmann, Marc Feldmann, Christopher Henney, Roll Zinkernagel.

2 August. Antibody molecules: Their 3-dimensional structures, isotypic differences, interactions

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