We have investigated the ability of B and T lymphocyte subclasses from donor mice that produce high levels of anti-Ar antibody but have been suppressed for one idiotypic component (CRI) to induce and maintain idiotypespecific suppression. Our studies indicate: 1) Memory B cells from such mice can preempt virgin CRI+ B cells present in the host from contributing to the anti-Ar response. 2) T cells can also adoptively transfer idiotypespecific suppression. 3) B and T cells do not act synergistically in this transfer of idiotype-specific suppression. 4) Extremely small numbers of Ly23 cells transfer suppression of idiotype and most probably represent true Ts cells. 5) Ly1 cells from hyperimmune idiotypically suppressed donors can induce idiotype-specific suppression. This latter result most likely reflects the induction of idiotype-specific suppressor cells in the host.

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