Ia antigens from the I-A8 and I-Ck subregions of the B10.HTT (H-2t3) strain of mice were isolated by indirect immunoprecipitation of arginine-labeled, nonionic detergent-solubilized materials. After biochemical purification the electrophoretically homogeneous 28,000 dalton glycoprotein β chains from the Ia precipitates were digested with trypsin and the resultant radiolabeled tryptic peptides were compared by analytical ion exchange chromatography. These comparisons reveal that the β chains of Ia antigens from the A (I-A8) and C (I-Ck) subregions of B10.HTT share only two out of 12 to 14 of their arginine tryptic peptides. Thus these noncross-reactive Ia antigens are structurally quite diverse, and would possess sufficient structural variability to account for their lack of antigenic cross-reactivity.

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