Both humoral and cell-mediated immune responses to the synthetic helical hapten-carrier conjugate poly-Glu-Tyr-Lys(TNP)-(Glu-Tyr-Ala)5 were found to be linked to the major histocompatibility locus in mice and guinea pigs. The responder mouse strains (H-2d haplotype) showed a primary IgM response with an IgG component appearing after the secondary immunization. The antibody response was accompanied by a positive DTH reaction in responder strains. Nonresponder mice (H-2b or H-2k haplotypes) showed neither IgM nor IgG antibodies and the DTH reaction was negative. Administration of the antigen as a complex with an immunogenic carrier was not effective in inducing a response in nonresponder mice. In guinea pig studies, it was found that strain 2 animals were able to mount an antibody response against the TNP-hapten and a DTH response against the polypeptide backbone. Strain 13 animals gave no anti-TNP antibodies at the lower dose levels and DTH activity was entirely negative for all doses of immunizing antigen. Replacement of the TNP hapten by the arsanilazo dipeptide derivative, BOC-gly-ARA-tyrosine, converted the nonresponder strain 13 guinea pigs into complete responders showing antibody and DTH reactions to both the hapten and the polypeptide backbone.

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