Awards are available on a competitive basis to women who hold a degree from a recognized institution of higher learning in one of the mathematical, physical, or biological sciences and are currently involved in research or have an approved research proposal. Appointments will be made irrespective of race, nationality, creed, or marital status. Two types of awards are available: Eloise Gerry Fellowship ($2000 to $8000, not to be used for a degree program, deadline for applications and credentials December 1), and Grants-in-Aid ($750, deadline January 15). Announcement of awards will be made by the following July 1. Further information and application forms may be obtained from: Sigma Delta Epsilon, Graduate Women in Science, Inc., 1346 Connecticut Ave.,NW, Room 1102, Washington, D. C. 20036.

An individual may apply for only one of the two awards. Please indicate to which type of award your inquiry is addressed.

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