The preceding paper showed that patients with gliomas may have lymphocyte-mediated cytotoxic activity (LMC) directed against at least two determinants on the glioma cell surface. The present study showed that serum from patients with gliomas could block this LMC. The blocking activity, however, was specific for different determinants on the glioma cell than those to which the LMC was directed.

Blocking activity was specific for tumor cells homotypic to those of the serum donor. It was effective, however, in blocking the cytotoxic activity against these cells of lymphocytes from patients with tumors either homotypic or heterotypic to that of the serum donor. Likewise, although patients with glioblastomas or melanomas had LMC against fetal glial cells, sera from such patients were unable to block the LMC against these fetal glial targets.

The specificity of the blocking activity was confirmed by absorption of the sera with various normal and neoplastic cells. These studies have thus shown an immunologic functional dichotomy among different determinants on the glioma cell surface.

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