The polymorphism of antigens produced by the I-A and the I-EC subregions was assessed in a collection of B10 congenic lines containing wild derived H-2 haplotypes (B10.W lines). Utilizing alloantisera prepared and analyzed with inbred lines and H-2 recombinants, a total of 29 B10.W lines were tested for 19 inbred Ia antigens of the I-A or I-EC subregions. This survey revealed: 1) that both public and private inbred Ia antigens of the I-A and the I-EC subregions are present among wild mice; 2) that the I-A subregion is more complex serologically than the I-EC region; 3) and that some wild mice do not have any of the inbred public or private antigens of either the I-A or the I-EC subregions. Serological and immunochemical characterization of alloantisera prepared in inbred lines against some of the B10.W lines has demonstrated the presence of public and private Ia antigens among wild mice that are absent from the inbred lines.

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