The possibility was investigated that Ir genes regulate the function of cells other than T or B cells in the primary IgM PFC responses to the synthetic antigens TNP-(T,G)-A--L and TNP-(H,G)-A--L. The primary PFC responses of (Responder × Nonresponder)F1 spleen cells to both antigens were abrogated by G-10 Sephadex passage and restored by the addition of spleen adherent cells. The cell type in the spleen adherent cell population active in reconstituting the responses to TNP-(T,G)-A--L and TNP-(H,G)-A--L was a non-T, non-B, radiation resistant, glass adherent spleen cell. The abrogated responses of G-10 Sephadex passed (Responder × Nonresponder)F1 spleen cells to each antigen were reconstituted by spleen adherent cells from only strains which were responders to that antigen. All the spleen adherent cells tested restored the non-Ir gene controlled response to a third antigen, TNP-KLH.

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