(Responder (R) × Nonresponder (NR))F1 mice give indistinguishable primary PFC responses in vitro to GAT-pulsed parental R or NR macrophages (Mϕ). It was recently shown that such (R × NR)F1 mice, if primed to GAT, retained responsiveness to GAT-R-Mϕ, but no longer responded to GAT-NR-Mϕ, suggesting a possible Mϕ-related locus for Ir gene activity in this model. We have now found that Ir related restriction in such GAT-primed F1 mice is at least in part related to the stimulation of suppressor T cells. (B6 × D1)F1 (H-2b/q) mice were primed with 100 µg GAT in Maalox with pertussis. Some mice were pretreated with 5–10 mg/kg cyclophosphamide (CY) 3 days prior to immunization. Two to eight weeks later, the spleens of these mice were tested in vitro for PFC responses to GAT-pulsed parental Mϕ. Primed F1 mice responded only to GAT-B6-Mϕ. CY pretreated mice responded to both GAT-B6-Mϕ and GAT-D1-Mϕ.

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