Nylon wool-purified T cells appear to be nonreactive in a lymphocytotoxicity assay with HLA-DRw antisera and complement before cell activation. However, after activation in mixed lymphocyte culture, responder cells express determinants that are strongly reactive with DRw alloantisera after 6 days and gradually disappear by 16 to 18 days. Restimulation of the primed cells resulted in re-expression of the blast determinants. Mitogenic stimulation with Con A or purified PHA (HA-17) also resulted in temporary expression of these determinants; reactivity usually conformed to DRw genetic restriction; however, occasional extra reactions occurred that were variable depending on the method of activation (i.e., MLC, Con A, or HA-17). The results suggest the presence of additional allospecificities within some of the DRw antisera that react with “Ia-like” antigens on activated cells from unique subsets of T cells. Whether these DRw antisera contain antibodies against T cells or agains activation or differentiation T cell antigens is not as yet clear.

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