PLT response is restricted by the HLA-D region. The present study was undertaken to help define the role of HLA-DRw in PLT restimulation. Haplotype-primed intrafamily PLT cells were made against specificities HLA-Drw1, HLA-DRw3, and HLA-DRw7; each PLT was then restimulated with cells from a 35-member unrelated panel. Restimulation values for each PLT were subjected to bimodal clustering analysis. In addition, blocking experiments were performed with other intrafamily and homozygous typing cell PLT after preincubation with B cell alloantisera. The results show a high correlation (0.881 ≤ r ≤ 1.00) between the HLA-DRw specificity of the priming haplotype and the HLA-DRw specificity of unrelated panel cells that restimulate in PLT. When stimulating cells were absorbed with the corresponding DRw alloantisera or p29,34 heteroantiserum (against B cell specific antigens), PLT restimulation was significantly blocked. However, the PLT cells treated with antisera showed no effect. The results strongly suggest that HLA-DRw is the principal PLT-stimulating determinant.

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