Total IgG4 levels were determined in 27 colostrum and 27 plasma paired samples by using RIA techniques, and total IgG was determined on the same pairs by using radial immunodiffusion. In colostrum, the mean IgG4 level was 4.6 micrograms/ml (0.6 to 19.0), and in the plasma the mean IgG4 level was 170.5 micrograms/ml (30 to 920). IgG averaged 42.3 micrograms/ml (12 to 240) in colostrum and 7980.9 micrograms/ml (3250 to 16,000) in plasma. Of colostral IgG, 15.3% was IgG4, whereas only 3.5% of plasma IgG was IgG4. Specific IgG4 antibodies to beta-lactoglobulin, bovine serum albumin, bermuda grass, and alpha-gliadin were also assayed. In six patients, strong evidence was found for local mammary production of IgG4-specific antibodies.

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