We have examined the relationship between the Con A-mediated induction of CTL effector function and immune IFN secretion in congenitally athymic nude mice. Spleen cells from young adult nude mice (2 mo of age) were found to require an exogenous source of IL 2 for the activation of a CTL effector response and for the release of immune IFN. However, the response of spleen cells from nude mice 9 mo of age differed from that of younger animals in that exogenous IL 2 was not required for the activation of CTL effector function and immune IFN secretion. Spleen cells from old nude mice were found to be capable of making IL 2 upon Con A stimulation similar to normal thymus-bearing animals. The data demonstrate that the maturation of IL 2-secreting cells can occur in athymic mice, that IL 2 is a requisite signal not only for the development of CTL effector function but also for the production of immune IFN, and that CTL effector function and immune IFN release are closely associated immunologic events.

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