In this report we describe the reactivity patterns of two monoclonal anti-Ly-6.2 antibodies toward lymph node (LN) cells of the autoimmune MRL/Mp-lpr/lpr (lpr) and the normal congenic MRL/Mp-+/+ (+/+) mouse strains. The monoclonal antibody 34-11-3, which has previously been found to detect a LN-associated Ly-6.2 antigen, reacted with both lpr and +/+ LN cells. Another monoclonal antibody, 34-10-7, which has been demonstrated to detect a bone marrow- (BM) associated determinant, was found to react with a small proportion of +/+ LN cells and unexpectedly with a high percentage of lpr LN cells. The expression of this BM determinant found in the LN of lpr mice was age dependent, and its presence on Thy-1.2+ cells increased with the expansion of a subset of Lyt-1+2- cells. In contrast, dual labeling experiments showed that in +/+ and young lpr mice a small subset of Lyt-1+2+ cells express this BM-associated Ly6.2 determinant. Therefore these findings demonstrate that the lpr gene-dependent T cell expansion in the LN results in both aberrant expression and association of lymphocyte cell surface markers.

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