A number of monoclonal antibodies are available that are reactive with distinct mouse immunoglobulin allotypic determinants. By determining which ones are present on a panel of hybrid IgG2b-IgG2a immunoglobulins, we have localized some of the allotypic determinants present on the IgG2a heavy chain of the "a" allotype (Igh-1a proteins). In particular, one group of determinants--Ig(1a)9.8 (20.6B8), 17.2 (20.19.2), and 14.4 (21.74.4)--has been placed in the CH2 domain. A second group--Ig(1a)8.3 (20.8.3), 21.2 (20.11.2), and 15.3 (21.66.3)--is located in a segment spanning the C terminal 8 residues of the CH2 domain and the complete CH3 domain.

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