Class II (Ia) antigens are coded for by a family of genes located in the human MHC (HLA). These genes are regulated in a complex manner, being constitutively expressed, inducibly expressed, or not expressed, depending on the cell type examined. 6.1.6 is a variant of a normal B lymphoblastoid line that has lost expression of all class II molecules and has previously been shown to have a defect in the regulation of class II genes. In this report, we have examined those genes by Southern and Northern blotting and have found that 6.1.6 is severely deficient in mRNA for all class II genes examined, although the genes are structurally intact. P30, a partial revertant of 6.1.6, re-expresses mRNA for a subset of class II genes. mRNA for the class II-associated invariant chain is substantially reduced but not absent in 6.1.6.

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