A series of macrophage hybridomas were generated by fusion of splenic adherent cells with P388D1 tumor cells. Forty-two cell lines were established, and each was cloned by limiting dilution. Six clones that exemplified the spectrum of macrophage heterogeneity were selected for further analysis. Qualitative and quantitative differences in phenotype and functional activity were noted. Some clones constitutively expressed Ia antigens, whereas others only expressed detectable levels of Ia after lymphokine activation. The level of antigen-presenting activity generally correlated with the level of Ia expression. Furthermore, interclonal differences were noted in the levels of receptor-mediated phagocytosis and IL 1 secretion. Generally, the hybridoma clones maintained stable phenotypic and functional properties during approximately 1 yr of continuous in vitro culture. These cloned hybridoma cell lines represent a useful resource to analyze macrophage biology and to dissect structure and function relationships.

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