Forty-five new monoclonal antibodies reacting with the mouse H-2Dd antigen have been established. The specificities of 34 of these antibodies were mapped into the first external domain (N) of the Dd antigen by testing reactivities with the products of mosaic H-2 genes in which the coding sequences of the first and/or the second external domains of the H-2Dd genes were recombined in vitro with the remaining portion of the H-2Ld gene. These antibodies reacted with at least 13 distinct allodeterminants located in the N domain, composed of 91 amino acids, as judged from panel tests carried out on various H-2 haplotypes. To assign possible positions of antigenic determinants of these and other anti-H-2Dd antibodies, we compared primary sequences of seven H-2 antigens and searched for correspondence between the pattern of amino acid substitutions in the N domain, allowing 15 positions to be assigned for the antigenic sites. These putative antigenic determinants were assessed for possible relationships with several parameters of protein secondary structure postulated according to predictive methods. Many of these sites appear to be associated with greatest local hydrophilicity, known to correlate with sites of antibody binding in various proteins. We therefore propose that some of the correspondences found in this work represent structural correlates of allodeterminants.

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