A new antigen, Qa-11, is detected as a 40,000 dalton band in the SDS-PAGE of immunoprecipitates of radiolabeled lymphocyte membrane preparations. In C57BL H-2 congenic strains, its presence is controlled by a gene in the Tla region. In strains with genetic background other than C57BL it is not expressed. Tests with recombinant inbred strains and with H-3 congenic strains show that, in addition to the Tla region, a gene linked to or identical with the beta 2-microglobulin-b-allele is required for the expression of Qa-11 as well. The mobility of the Qa-11 antigen in SDS-PAGE and in isoelectrofocusing is the same as that of Qa-2 antigen. The Cleveland peptide maps of Qa-2 and Qa-11 are identical as well. This finding, that the Tla region controlled Qa-11 antigen is structurally very similar to the Qa-2 antigen, contrasts with the fact that Tla region products do not react with anti-Qa-2 sera. This paradox could be explained by a separate Qa-11 region between Qa-2 and Tla. Alternatively, it is possible that the Qa-11 antigen is the result of the action of a modifying gene in the Tla region upon a Qa-2 gene product, or that the structural gene for Qa-11 is located in the Qa-2 region and a Tla region gene controls its expression.

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