A murine B lymphoma cell line, WEHI-231, constitutively secreted a kind of B cell stimulatory factor (BSF) that induced proliferation and IgM secretion in splenic B cells as well as BCL1 cells. Growth- and differentiation-promoting activities were not separated by various kinds of chromatographies on the basis of the m.w., isoelectric point, or hydrophobicity, and the degree of both activities in crude supernatants, DEAE-Toyopearl, TSK-3,000SWG, Mono P, and Phenyl-5PW fractions increased in a dose-dependent manner with complete correlation. The partially purified factor (WEHI-231-BGDF) did not show any other activities, such as IL 1, IL 2, interferon, or colony stimulating factor. WEHI-231-BGDF induced proliferation and IgM secretion in activated B cells with low density, but not in small resting B cells. WEHI-231-BGDF showed synergistic effect with dextran sulfate but not with anti-Ig in the induction of proliferation or IgM secretion in small resting B cells. WEHI-231-BGDF did not show any effect on Xid B cells. The relationship with several T cell-derived BSF and the significance of B cell-derived BSF in the B cell responses are discussed.

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