Several cloned T cell lines specific for PPD and BCG were obtained. All clones were able to secrete lymphokine, i.e., MAF/interferon, upon antigenic stimulation. The surface phenotype of all these different clones was Thy-1.2+, L3T4+, Lyt-2-, suggesting that these lines belonged to the helper/inducer T cell subset. The T cell clones displayed various degrees of helper activity as tested in a secondary antibody response in vitro. The capacity of these clones to elicit DTH reactions in the presence of antigen and their ability to inhibit mycobacterial growth in vivo were tested by transferring locally the different clones to normal mice. The clones which exhibited little or no helper activity were able to elicit DTH responses, whereas the clone with strong helper activity did not. Both types of functionally defined clones had the capacity to inhibit the growth of intracellular mycobacteria in vivo.

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