Procyclic culture form (PCF) trypanosomes were established from a bloodstream form population of cloned Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense and were used to immunize mice for hybridoma production. Indirect immunofluorescence was used to select 10 hybridomas which secreted antibodies that bound to the surface of homologous living PCF. The antibodies reacted with PCF of several clones of T.b. brucei, T.b. gambiense, and T.b. rhodesiense, but not with PCF of T. congolense or T. vivax, or with promastigotes of several species of Leishmania parasites. The antigens were not detectable in ethanol/acetic acid-fixed bloodstream forms or in lysates of bloodstream forms of any of the T. brucei subspecies, and are thus species-specific and stage-specific markers. Selected monoclonal antibodies bound to procyclic trypanosomes taken directly from the midgut of infected tsetse flies, and to immature epimastigote forms in salivary probes, and may therefore be useful in epidemiologic investigations.

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