Monoclonal antibodies have been produced against three neutrophil-associated membrane proteins (p 90, p 170, and p 70) expressed at different maturation stages of the cells. The reactivity of the antibodies against p 90 (B13.9) and p 170 (CLB-gran 10), as measured by quantitative flow cytofluorometry, increased after stimulation of the neutrophils by the calcium ionophore A23187, by phorbol myristate acetate, or by the chemoattractant formylmethionyl-leucyl-phenylalanine in combination with cytochalasin B. This increase is regulated independently of the simultaneously increased expression of the C3bi receptor, because neutrophils of a patient deficient for the C3bi receptor showed a normal increase in membrane expression of p 90 and p 170. Neutrophil cytoplasts were not inducible to increased membrane expression, suggesting that the cytoplasts lack the internal pool of these proteins. The reactivity of the antibody against p 70 (CLB-gram 5) was not affected by activation. The antibodies B13.9 and CLB-gran 10 may be useful to detect neutrophil activation.

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