Rabbit anti-idiotypic antibodies (L12) were raised against human anti-mannan of Candida albicans (CA) antibodies isolated from the serum of a normal donor. The absorbed anti-idiotypic antiserum bound to donor anti-CA mannan antibodies but not to control immunoglobulins. Binding was inhibited by CA mannan but not by other polysaccharide antigens. L12 was shown to cross-react with anti-CA mannan-isolated antibodies or with anti-CA antibody-containing sera from individuals unrelated to the donor. IgG fraction isolated from the donor serum was repeatedly absorbed on CA mannan Sepharose to remove anti-mannan antibodies. This IgG fraction (named autoanti-idiotypic fraction) blocked, in a dose-dependent fashion, the binding of rabbit anti-idiotype to donor anti-CA mannan antibodies. Moreover, this CP-depleted IgG fraction cross-reacted with public idiotypic determinants of unrelated anti-CA mannan antibodies. Finally, L12 induced sensitized lymphocytes to produce anti-CA mannan antibodies in vitro in the absence of antigen.

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