This study demonstrates cell lineage-specific resistance to engraftment involving lymphocytes but not erythrocytes by the spontaneously autoimmune MRL/lpr mouse strain. In these experiments, MRL/lpr mice were lethally irradiated (1000 R) and reconstituted with normal A-Thy bone marrow stem cells. Periodic analysis from 6 wk to 6 mo posttransplantation demonstrated that the T and B cells of these chimeras were derived from the MRL/lpr host. However, in the same A-Thy----MRL/lpr chimeras, erythrocyte repopulation was completely of A-Thy donor origin. In contrast, control MRL/+ (congenic mice that differ from MRL/lpr at the lpr locus and do not develop accelerated autoimmune disease) recipients were successfully repopulated in both the lymphoid and erythroid compartments by the A-Thy donor cells.

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