Allergen 27 was isolated from the aqueous extract of Kentucky Bluegrass pollen (KBG-R) with a reversed immunosorbent prepared by coupling murine monoclonal antibody, Mab 27, to Sepharose 4B. Sera of patients allergic to KBG pollen, as well as serum of nonatopic individuals possessing anti-KBG antibodies, inhibited the binding of Mab 27 to either Ag 27 or KBG-R to the extent of 20 to 35% in ELISA. In contrast, sera devoid of antibodies to KBG-R had no inhibitory capacity. In a radioallergosorbent test, it was demonstrated that Mab 27 could inhibit the binding of human IgE antibodies to Ag 27 to the extent of 52%. From these results, it is concluded that Ag 27 contains a determinant recognized by both human IgE and blocking antibodies and a murine Mab.

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