We generated nucleotide sequences for H-2Kk and H-2Dk from the C3H mouse, as well as for a genomic clone of H-2Db, in order to conduct an evolutionary analysis of the H-2 genes from three haplotypes, k, d, and b. H-2Kk from both the C3H and AKR strains, H-2Kd, H-2Kb, H-2Dk, H-2Ld, H-2Dd, H-2Db, and H-2Dp DNA sequences were aligned, and the alignments used to construct phylogenetic trees inferring the evolutionary relationships among the nine genes by two independent methods. Both approaches yielded trees with similar topologies. In addition, the sequence alignments revealed patterns of nucleotide substitutions which implicate both point mutation and recombination in the divergence of the H-2 genes. Future considerations for evolutionary analysis of class I genes are discussed.

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