The heavy (H) and light (L) chains of murine monoclonal autoantibody 62 reacting with thyroglobulin independently express idiotypic (Id) determinants that are very similar if not identical with the Id62 expressed on the intact protein. In this report, we describe the production and characterization of rabbit antibodies to isolated H62 and L62 chains to further prove that individual chains express Id62 in an immunogenic form. The results demonstrate that both chains are capable of eliciting antibodies that, after appropriate adsorption, behave like conventional anti-Id62 antibodies prepared against the intact antibody molecule. By direct radioimmunoassay binding, competition of Id binding and Western blot anti-H62 and anti-L62 antibodies identify as Id-positive the same group of IgG1, bind in a reciprocal fashion to H- and L-chains of parental monoclonal antibody 62, and detect Id62-positive polyclonal serum autoantibodies to thyroglobulin. We conclude that monoclonal antibody 62 expresses independently a similar Id on both polypeptide chains and the intact antibody molecule, or its isolated chains, induce qualitatively similar anti-Id responses. These results are discussed in light of the possible structure/function implication such autoantibodies may have within the Id network.

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