Complement- and cell-mediated killing utilize related effector proteins (C8/C9 and perforin, respectively), suggesting that proteins which protect cells against complement- and cell-mediated attack may also be similar. In homologous complement-mediated killing two protective proteins, which are anchored to the cell membrane by phosphatidylinositol glycan (PIG) tails, are known. To study whether similar PIG-tailed proteins protect against lymphocyte-mediated killing, nucleated cell lines with a mutation in the biosynthesis of the PIG anchor were used. It was found that PIG-tailed membrane proteins restrict homologous complement-mediated lysis but not three different types of cell-mediated killing or lysis by purified perforin. Furthermore, E from patients with an acquired defect in PIG tail biosynthesis did not differ from normal E in sensitivity to antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity, in spite of their increased sensitivity to human C8 and C9.

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