To identify possible regulatory sites of the gene expression, we cloned the genomic DNA of human monocyte-derived neutrophil chemotactic factor (MDNCF/IL-8), whose mRNA is induced by IL-1 or TNF and determined its entire nucleotide sequence. The results show that the MDNCF/IL-8 gene consists of 4 exons and 3 introns with a single "CAT"- and "TATA"-like structure. The 5'-flanking region of MDNCF/IL-8 gene shows no overall sequence similarity with that of other cytokine and acute phase reactant genes whose production is also affected by IL-1 and TNF. The 5' flanking region, however, contains potential binding sites for several nuclear factors including activation factor-1, activation factor-2, IFN regulatory factor-1, and hepatocyte nuclear factor-1. In addition, the glucocorticoid responsive element and heat shock element were located in the 5'-flanking region. Inasmuch as PMA induces MDNCF/IL-8 mRNA accumulation in human PBMC and a glucocorticoid inhibits the induction of MDNCF/IL-8 mRNA by LPS, the expression of this gene is probably regulated by interaction of these nuclear factors with the 5'-flanking DNA.

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