We have investigated the possible physical interactions between CR, receptors for the Fc gamma R and surface Ig (sIg) on the surface membrane of murine B lymphocytes. We used the rat mAb to murine CR, 8C12, and 7G6, as CR ligands, and soluble Ag-antibody complexes as FcR ligands; and F(ab')2 fragments of rabbit antibodies specific for mouse IgM and IgD as sIg ligands. We have found that: 1) sIg, CR, and Fc gamma R are not directly linked, because capping of any one did not affect the expression of the others; 2) the mAb 8C12 and 7G6 failed by themselves to cross-link CR; 3) soluble Ag-antibody complexes crosslinked some, Fc gamma R on a minority of Fc gamma R+ lymphocytes; 4) once loaded with anti-CR mAb, CR co-capped with sIg when sIg was cross-linked; 5) once loaded with Ag-antibody complexes, Fc gamma R also co-capped with sIg when sIg was sIg was cross-linked; 6) loading of Fc gamma R did not affect the co-capping of surface CR with cross-linked sIg and conversely, loading of CR did not affect the co-capping of Fc gamma R with cross-linked sIg; only loaded CR or Fc gamma R co-capped with sIg regardless of the status of the other surface molecule; 7) neither loaded nor free CR co-capped with cross-linked Fc gamma R, and neither loaded nor free Fc gamma R co-capped with cross-linked CR. These results demonstrate that both Fc gamma R and CR independently become associated with sIg when either receptor is loaded and sIg is cross-linked.

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