Antibody directed to the O-specific polysaccharide (Ps) side chain of Pseudomonas aeruginosa LPS provides immunotype-specific protection against infection by virtue of enhancing opsonophagocytosis. We have developed a syngeneic anti-idiotypic antibody (mAb2) directed to a functionally active monoclonal immunotype 1 Ps-antibody (mAb1). The mAb2 performed as a molecular mimic of Ps as evidenced by 1) blocking of mAb1/mAb2 interaction by Ps, 2) blocking of mAb1/Ps binding by mAb2, 3) cross-species binding of mAb2 to human Ps antibodies from individuals immunized with the same immunotype 1 Ps, and 4) induction of anti-LPS antibody by immunization with mAb2 in syngeneic mice. Our studies thus show that an anti-idiotypic antibody may functionally mimic the O-polysaccharide of P. aeruginosa LPS, and bind to cross-reactive Id present in human Ps antibodies. We have further shown that this anti-idiotypic antibody induces anti-LPS antibody when used as an Ag in syngeneic mice, suggesting that this approach may eventually be used to successfully immunize humans.

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