The murine Cr2 gene encodes at least two related proteins. The first of these is predicted to include 1408 amino acids from a transcript including 4224 coding nucleotides. This protein is predicted to contain 21 60-amino acid repeats plus those residues encoding transmembrane and cytoplasmic regions for a total peptide m.w. of 155,307. The first six of these repeats are similar to human CR1 in sequence and organization. The second protein is encoded by an alternatively spliced Cr2 transcript that is lacking those sequences which encode the first six 60-amino acid repeats of the larger protein. This second, smaller protein, encoded by a transcript of 3096 coding nucleotides, is predicted to include 15 60-amino acid repeats, plus the transmembrane and cytoplasmic regions. This smaller protein contains 1032 amino acids for a peptide m.w. of 113,328. This second protein is extremely homologous in size and sequence to human CR2. Both proteins share the same signal sequence for membrane insertion. DNA sequence analysis, RNA protection studies and genomic phage mapping indicate the transcripts which encode these proteins are derived from the Cr2 gene via alternative splicing.

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