The IL-1R antagonist protein (IL-1RN/IL-1rn) is a member of the IL-1 family of inflammatory mediators. We have isolated and analyzed a mouse IL-1rn cDNA clone and established that the derived mouse IL-1rn protein sequence is highly homologous to the human counterpart molecule. Mouse IL-1rn mRNA may be induced in P388D1 monocytic cells with PMA and in mouse liver in vivo by development of an experimental inflammation via s.c. injection of azocasein. This latter observation implies the existence of an autocrine hepatic negative feedback loop that down-regulates the acute phase response and is itself induced at the same time as the major acute-phase proteins. The mouse Il 1rn gene was mapped to the proximal region of chromosome 2 between the centromere and Spna2; the other known members of the mouse IL-1 gene family, Il 1a and Il 1b, both map to the same chromosome, although not in close linkage.

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