The requirement for protein kinase C (PKC) during triggering of murine CD8+ CTL was investigated. To this, CTL were depleted for PKC by pretreatment with PMA. This procedure neither influenced alpha/beta-TCR, CD3-epsilon, CD8, CD2, and lymphocyte function-associated Ag-1 expression, nor CTL-target cell conjugate formation. Although cytolytic effector function of PKC-depleted CTL triggered via alpha/beta-TCR structures was completely inhibited, target cell lysis induced via CD3-epsilon remained unaffected. Furthermore this PKC-independent cytolysis pathway was not associated with the release of serine esterases. Analyses at the clonal level revealed that PKC depletion blocked the cytolytic response of up to 95% of alpha/beta-TCR triggered CTL clones. The data suggest the existence of a distinct signaling pathway triggered via CD3-epsilon that is not associated with exocytosis of serine esterases and probably independent of PKC.

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