Nuclear factor-kappa B (NF-kappa B)/Rel proteins are inducible transcriptional regulators of numerous cellular genes. They are particularly abundant in lymphoid tissues and are thought to be critical for the transcription of genes involved in immune and inflammatory responses. We have reported previously that a nuclear NF-kappa B activity was present in freshly extracted human thymocytes in the absence of in vitro treatment of these cells. In the present report, we identified NF-kappa B proteins extracted from human thymocyte nuclei as being p50/p65 and p50/c-Rel complexes. Immunochemical and immunofluorescent staining of thymus sections using specific Abs allowed visualization of nuclear NF-kappa B proteins in both thymocytes and nonthymocyte cells. This detection suggested a preferential activation of p50/c-Rel in medullary thymocytes, whereas p50/p65 was present in both cortical and medullary regions of human thymus lobules. However, the intensity of p65 labeling was much higher in several thymocytes from the medulla. p65, p50, and c-Rel activities were found in both CD4- and CD8-positive thymocytes. These observations suggest that p65 and c-Rel complexes play distinct roles in gene expression and that both forms of NF-kappa B play critical roles during late stages of the intrathymic maturation of T cells.

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